What is a Traditional System?

Traditional systems have been the most commonly installed systems by far over the last few decades. You can heat or cool your entire house by adjusting the thermostat.


Most Common Problems

Filters Clog Up

Filters should be changed every 30 to 60 days. As a side note, the more expensive the filter you buy at the store, the more often it needs to be changed because the higher cost of a better filter means it traps more particulate matter, not that it needs to be changed less. The more it traps, the more often it needs to be replaced.

Ease of Fix


Who Can Perform Repair?



Home Owner

Thermostat Not Working Properly

Thermostats can act up for a number of reasons from easy fixes like the batteries being dead, to more complicated problems that are cause breakers to be tripped. If you have checked the batteries and have turned the system off at the thermostat to back on and you are still experiencing issues, you can click the button below to troubleshoot a few more problems or you can contact us to come out and inspect your system.

Easy of Fix


Who Can Perform Repair?


Easy to Hard

Simple fixes can be performed by homeowner. Anything else beyond replacing batteries and turning the system off and on at the thermostat should be done by us.

Bad Maintenance

Heating and air conditioning systems are the most expensive appliance of any house yet they are the most neglected appliances. We often do not have our HVAC systems checked until they are not working properly. Having a professional come out once or twice a year will save future headaches and can reduce the lifelong cost of operating and maintaining a home heating and cooling system.

Easy of Fix


Who Can Perform The Service?




AC went out yesterday afternoon. Suspected the capacitor. Called Kendrick Heating and Air in the morning. Jerry (owner) was able to work me in and came just after noon. Put in a new capacitor and we were cool again. My neighbor's unit went out also and he took a quick look. His son will be over to evaluate the whole system tomorrow as well as mine. Our units are 19 years old. It's time. Prices are fair and you don't feel like you are being pushed into something you don't need. Thanks again, Jerry.



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